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Bridesmaids by Paul Feig

This film would be really hard to bear if not for (rare) brilliant dialogues/situations involving Jon Hamm (Mad Men‘s Don Draper), or Chris O’Dowd as a bored state trooper.

Although it is seemingly a ‘ladies’ film, only the male characters are able to defend themselves as ‘flesh and blood’ protagonists.

The female roles are shallow, unconvincing, ridiculous and too detached from reality to seem credible.

It was supposed to be a comedy. It is funny at points, but in most other moments it is embarrasingly below the average level of good taste.

The dialogues are uneven, as if they were written by somebody who wanted to have fun (creating witty lines at points), but then had to adjust the rest of them to fit the genre and thus adding other parts which awkardly do not fit to some sophisticated jokes.

Not recommended to anyone who does not like sitcoms involving jokes built around food poisoning and its inevitable consequences, tons of offensive language, socially unfit bitter spinsters and perfect housewives in a blender.


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