The Drummond Will by Alan Butterworth

An update from Warsaw Film Fest 2010 (Free Spirit Competition).

Black British comedy. Hilarious. One of those films where there is no end to ridiculous situations. It just goes on and on into the abyss of laughter and tears running through your eyes, yet it does not cross the border to excess.

There’s everything as per grandma’s recipe for the genre. It’s black & white, it’s low budget, there’s a dead body (and then another one…) a bag full of money, a pub, a church, a constable, a priest and a lovely barmaid. Also (inevitably) digging graves at night, fantastically paced comic dialogues and a surprising ending. Mainly surprising because, on the run, there is no real time for reflection as to what’s going to happen next!

Strong recommend to the lovers of the old school Brit cinema and especially the classic Brit comedy.


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