The Christening by Marcin Wrona

The winner of the Polish Feature Competition at Off Plus Camera 2011.

Usually phenomenal Natalia Rybicka did not have a lot to show with her performance here. The remaining two main roles are relatively fresh faces, which results in an atypical cast opening more through the previously unseen visages.

Wrona pictures a crude brutal world where values such as love, friendship and loyalty, although known to be virtues, are hazy due to surrounding environment filling all with lies and deadly sabotage.

On the surface, there is no ray of hope for either of the two main characters Michal and Janek. The twisted ending rather than bringing a golden hopeful resolution seemingly making things better for Magda, definitely does not solve the moral dilemmas of Janek.

Very gloomy and difficult story set in a world where help does not come from anywhere. Does not and will not. One may only hope that this kind of an underworld is an exaggerated artist’s vision with no counterpart in the real world. Wrona takes away all hope in humanity the moment the most humane act (not objectively; in this case) is performed.

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