Tom Hall’s Sensation

The idea came to its author after having heard the news on the radio. Apparently there was a farmer accused of running a brothel on his farm. He claimed his gf made him and invited her friends over. He couldn’t do anything to stop them. He needed female company.

This is not a story for the fainthearted. There is a dangerous portion of laughter and inconvenient truths. The lead role by Domhnall Gleeson delivers a credible creation. Tom Hall’s direction is effortless and the setting looks familiar, which helps following the story. There are a few surprising dialogue lines which may seem obvious when uttered by a cityboy, less likely by a farmer in such kind of narrative. All in all, the story is told craftily and lightly touches upon an important subject matter which probably should not be trivialised. Tom Hall offers the opposite point of view, a classic tool for enabling the audiences looking at things from a different perspective.

Recommend. New Irish Cinema at its best!


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