The Legend of 1900 by Giuseppe Tornatore (1998)

This one was screened in the “Catching Up” section, starring Tim Roth, who was a special guest at the Off Camera Film Festival this year.

A tremendous project, bringing to mind Cameron’s Titanic. Yet, apart from the setting (i.e. a passenger liner in early 20th century), everything else is very different.  Cheaper (according to IMDB it had $9m as compared to Titanic $200m), but this is not felt.

Tim Roth’s performance is breathtaking, considered by some as one of his master roles (next to Little Odessa), the film is long (170min) but does not get boring. It’s a classically told tale of a natural born piano player who does not know nor does he want to know the world outside of the ship. The world comes to him. An astonishing story, worth a watch.

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