One Hundred Mornings by Conor Horgan (2009)

Number two film at the Off Camera festival. This one was screened in the New Irish Cinema section.

The setting lies at an anonymous valley isolated from the civilised world. We observe two couples living in a hut in the woods. One of my immediate connotations was with Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later” which begins with a similar secluded world after an unspecified catastrophe.

As the director has put it in the Q&A’s after the screening, he made a film about something that terrifies him.

The general message lies within the realisation of how sustainable would we be if civilisation suddenly ceased to exist. We no longer plant food in the majority of cases and are very much dependent on power supply and do not produce food to survive. Observing the struggle of the four protagonists, which later appear to be surrounded by others in similar situation, gives the audiences the thrills.

It’s an important voice at the beginning of the 21st century, where the society gets more and more detached from nature…

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